Danièle Henkel

Danièle Henkel is a key figure in Quebec entrepreneurship with over 30 years of business expertise. She is known for her leadership, values, and commitment to helping entrepreneurs thrive and succeed.

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    Danièle Henkel

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Danièle Henkel

Known for her committed leadership and values, Danièle Henkel is an ally toward entrepreneurial success. With her listening and natural benevolence, she knows how to guide entrepreneurs at critical moments in their journey, whether it is to clarify a vision, manage change, ensure growth or make business relationships and networks flourish. Danièle Henkel believes in everyone’s ability to grow.

Our Rol

Danièle Henkel manages many companies under her name and is also associated with many initiatives. Our mission was to create a distinct portal for Danièle Henkel, where professionals and the public can interact and benefit from her entrepreneurial expertise.

Danièle Henkel addresses a large and diverse audience due to her status as a public figure and role as an educator, a positive voice and an awareness-raiser. Her audience is represented by the business community for whom she offers her expertise in personal and professional development. She interacts with her fans daily to inspire, motivate, and instill high-impact societal values.


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