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Polesynthèse.com was already a well-established website with a strong visual identity. However, with the addition of these new sectors of activity, it was necessary to rethink the entire branding strategy to ensure it was coherent and effective. We analyzed the new sectors of activity to understand their specificities, market positioning, and target audience. We also examined the existing visual identity of the website and the company’s values.


Next, we worked on a design proposal for the new branding development. We created mockups for each new sector of activity, using colors, typography, and images that reflect the company’s identity while differentiating each sector. The end result was a website that had a strong and consistent visual identity despite the addition of new sectors of activity. The new designs were well-received by the company’s team and were a key element in strengthening the company’s reputation.


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Our website design project aims to offer an exceptional user experience by optimizing the user interface for smooth navigation. We have analyzed the target audience, the best practices in website design, and have developed design guidelines to ensure a consistent user experience.

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    Art Direction / Design UX-UI

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    Synthèse pole image Québec

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