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June 20, 2021

Clinique Ekinoxe

Ekinoxe is a must-see beauty space in Quebec, offering personalized medico-aesthetic treatments for women of all ages in search of well-being and beauty. With over 33 years of expertise, Ekinoxe continues to rely on technological innovation and continuous training to offer a unique customer experience while guaranteeing the effectiveness of its services.

  • Strategy

    Marketing Strategy, Web analysis, Advertising campaignv

  • Design

    Video Production, Visuals campagne ADS

  • Client


Open Project

The challenge

Brand repositioning, Ekinoxe Clinic becomes Lucy Garneau

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The change of name and the repositioning of Clinique Lucy Garneau by Clinique Ekinoxe is the equivalent to shining the spotlight on a new brand ambition, with real potential to attract loyalty and retain existing customers.

Offered services

. Marketing strategy
Advertising campaign
Web analysis
Facebook Ads
Corporate Video Production

Main goals

  • Brand repositioning (new identity, new perception)
  • Emphasize the customer experience at Ekinoxe.
  • Increase brand presence online to create hype over the new brand name.
  • Strengthen the close link with existing customers (Brand loyalty).
  • Attract and recruit new customers (generation X and Y).


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