Cultivate your positive impact with our sustainable digital expertise.

We are more than an independent brand and marketing consultancy. We are holistic health enthusiasts, dedicated to propelling your brand to new digital heights. Our unique approach combines digital marketing expertise with a deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

Our holistic approach

Our commitment to a holistic approach is reflected in every facet of our agency. We don’t see digital marketing simply as a series of tactics, but rather as a way of aligning your brand with the needs of your audience.

🌿 In-depth comprehension

We believe in a deep understanding of your practice. Our team takes the time to grasp the values, missions and specifics of your approach to alternative medicine to create strategies that resonate with your identity.

🤝 Collaboration active

Your expertise is at the heart of our collaboration. We work closely with you to integrate your unique knowledge into our campaigns, creating authentic and relevant content.

🌟 Balance between digital and holistic

Our approach skilfully balances the principles of digital marketing with the values of alternative medicine. We believe that digitalization can reinforce, rather than compromise, the holistic foundations of your practice.

The power of positive content

Our Services

Through our holistic approach, we firmly believe in the power of positive content. A positive message transcends barriers, inspires buy-in and creates lasting bonds. We strive to create content that goes beyond simply promoting services, but conveys a positive and caring experience.

✨ Inspiration and elevation

Every publication, every video, every online interaction is an opportunity to inspire and uplift. We believe that positive messages not only attract attention, they resonate with your audience, creating an authentic connection.

🌱 Growth together

Working hand in hand with your team, we cultivate an online presence that goes beyond mere visibility. We seek to foster mutual growth, where your practice thrives and your values positively influence our digital approach.

Brand Identity



Number of hours 8h

Our creative team brings fresh ideas to elevate your brand. From standout logos to captivating colors, we ensure your visual identity makes a lasting impact on your customers.

  • Logo design
  • Visual identity*
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*Mini Graphic Charter with a proposal for appropriate typography and a strategically chosen color palette.

Social Network Management



Per month

Entrust us with managing your social media networks to enhance your online visibility, engage your community, and strengthen your presence on key social platforms.

  • 2 posts per week
  • Creating Engaging Content
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Number of hours 14h

Our team of designers creates captivating landing pages that convert visitors into customers, inspiring them to take action with style.

  • Designing a web page
  • Conversion optimization
  • Content integration*
  • Cross-platform compatibility
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*Costs may vary depending on the number of pages, integrated content and connections.

Our work

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